I’m still getting caught up after a pretty long vacation. I just went through all the bills we’ve taken positions on and updated our ‘evergreen’ PowerPoint with all the bills.

  • Lots of bad bills have died in either the original or sister chamber. A couple bad bills have been vetoed. 
  • A few good bills are still alive, and a couple have been signed (Good Samaritan).
  • Lots of bills – good & bad – are languishing in the House & Senate Rules Committees.

The state legislature is on a 2-week vacation that they’re calling ‘Spring Break’ providing a respite from tracking bills – and also giving Senate and House leadership a chance to negotiate with Team Hobbs on the state budget. Here’s Our PowerPoint with summary of bills as of “Spring Break”

The real reason for the break is fill the House spot formally filled by Rep. Liz Harris (who was expelled from the chamber). Republican Precinct Committeepersons from that district (Chandler/Gilbert) will send the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors 3 candidates to select from to fill the post. I’m not sure what would happen if the PC’s send the Board 3 election deniers.