Board Committees – Getting the work done

Members are invited to join the following committees:

Professional Development

The Chair of Professional Development and Academic Relations is charged with planning and scheduling the professional events for the association for the calendar year. This committee will help identify subcommittee members to plan the content of the events and ensure activities are spread throughout the year and not overlap the work of events. Activities include:

  • Professional Development Workshops

  • Lunch & Learn Webinars

  • Conference Breakouts

  • Student Poster Sessions

  • Mentorship Program

  • Networking Activities

Chair: Eric Tomlon

Membership Committee

The Committee devises ways to recruit and retain members, to make membership effective and make recommendations to the Board. The Committee works with the Executive Director and Staff to design appropriate materials and carry out the recommendations of the Board. The Chair, the President and/or the Executive Director may recommend life membership status for any person who has been an active member for at least 15 years and is retired from active service. The board must approve by 2/3 vote. This committee may arrange for membership displays to be set up at Association meetings and other meetings where potential members could be recruited. 

Chair: Kim Van Pelt

Resolutions Committee

The Committee is chaired by a Director at Large.  It initiates, solicits and receives resolutions from members and drafts and edits selected resolutions.  See the details of format and procedures at the end of this document.

APHA Resolutions:  By the December or January meeting, the Committee notifies the Board that resolutions are due at APHA by April, and suggest/request subjects for resolutions to be submitted.  Proposed resolutions will be submitted to the Board for approval, and then forwarded to APHA.

AzPHA Resolutions:  At least 90 days before the Annual meeting, the committee solicits proposed AzPHA resolutions from the Board, members and committee chairs sending a notice out by email and posting on the website.  The Committee reviews and edits the proposed resolution it receives and submits appropriate resolutions to the Board for approval.  Approved resolutions will be printed and put in the packet for the Annual Business Meeting, where the membership will vote on them.  The proposed resolutions may also be put on the AzPHA website for review prior to the vote.  After approval of the resolutions, final copies will be posted on the website.

Co-Chairs: Zaida Dedolph and Will Humble

Fall and Spring Conference Planning Committees

Our Fall and Spring Conferences are big events for AzPHA and an opportunity for you to get engaged. The Conference Planning Committees engage with staff, Board and other Members to help plan content including session and keynote topics and speaker recommendations.

Please email to express interest in joining this committee.

Awards Committee

This Committee coordinates all awards of the Association and provides recommendations to the Board for approval. The committee will send out a call for on-line nominations to members in the spring. The committee will review nominations and select one or more individuals for each award. The committee recommends awardees to the Board of Directors for approval. Awards are presented at the Annual Meeting.

Please email to express interest in joining this committee.

Board Committees