State Legislature

Time to Play Hardball with Agency Director Nominations? Here’s a Playbook

After the shenanigans at yesterday’s “Director’s Nominations” Committee it’s clear that Governor Hobbs nominees won’t be getting a fair shake from the Committee or the Senate. As such, it’s time for the Governor to look at other (legal) options for permanently placing talented folks into Director posts. There are several legal options that the Governor can consider. Sen. Jake Hoffman scolds a Hobbs’ nominee for plagiarism. No, really Arizona Senate

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AHCCCS Releases Updated Provider Payment Suspension Fact Sheet with New Resources

AHCCCS updated the Provider Payment Suspension Fact Sheet on Aug. 23, 2023 to provide new information and resources about its efforts to stop fraudulent behavioral health billing and to protect members in tribal communities who’ve been targeted. The Provider Payment Suspensions Fact Sheet includes additional provider enrollment and claims payment system changes made since June 14, 2023, a flow chart of the Credible Allegation of Fraud payment suspension process, and a flier about

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Health Equity

Work Requirement for SNAP (Food Stamps) Kicking in October 1

As part of the federal debt ceiling negotiations last year Congress implemented revisions to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) that require “able-bodied adults without dependents” to meet certain work requirements to keep their benefits.  Beginning !0/1/23 “Able-bodied” adults without dependents (people between 18 and 52 who are physically and mentally fit for work and lack dependents who are minors) must meet one of the following requirements: Work 80 hours

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Professional Development

Public Health Journalism This Week

Phoenix legalizes backyard casitas: What you need to know ( Arizona COVID-19 cases double since June, as virus rebounds in state, U.S. ( State employees with new family members can get up to 12 paid weeks off | Arizona Capitol Times ( Mask mandates are banned in Arizona. Kari Lake rejects them anyway ( Gov. Katie Hobbs’ health director was sabotaged. So was Arizona ( New SNAP work requirements: What

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Social Determinants

City of Phoenix Approves ‘Casitas’ Ordinance: A Good Public Health Intervention?

Yes…  but a lot more needs to be done. Most of you are well-versed in the role social determinants of health play in influencing public health and determining health outcomes. Among the most important social determinants of health is the ability to find safe and affordable housing. That determinant (affordable housing) has been getting worse and worse in Arizona (especially urban AZ). With rents and housing prices skyrocketing over the last

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Behavioral Health

ADHS Publishes Statutorily Required Clinical Improvement and Human Resource Plan for their Arizona State Hospital

The remarkably transparent document concedes resource deficiencies at the AZ State Hospital & highlights AHCCCS behavioral health network & oversight shortcomings that occurred during the prior administration As I mentioned last week, the state legislature passed a bill that places additional scrutiny on the performance of the Arizona State Hospital, including a requirement that the ADHS and ASH (ADHS both runs & regulates ASH) publish a Clinical Improvement and Human

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