We’re all about using evidence-based interventions to address Arizona’s current and emerging public health challenges.  With the legislative session coming up- we’ll likely have some opportunities to weigh in and discuss the evidence base for interventions to address the vaping epidemic among young people.

I did some literature search recently and found some evidence and some examples of interventions that other states have implemented to get a handle on their vaping epidemics.

For example, a recent study found some evidence that restricting the sale of flavored tobacco products, including e-cigarettes. The study compared two similar cities in Massachusetts, one that had enacted a policy restricting flavored tobacco sales to specific retail establishments and another with no policy.

The results after six months showed a decrease in use of both flavored and non-flavored tobacco in the city that had passed the policy, whereas the city without a policy saw an increase in tobacco use, in general. See the article here.