Please take action to help stop two identical bills that are a direct attack on clean energy. We are urging you to take a few minutes to express your opposition to these two damaging bills.

The bad bills are HB2248 corporation commission; electric generation resources (Griffin) and SB1175 corporation commission; electric generation resources (Kerr: Gowan, Gray)

The purpose of these 2 bills is to overturn the clean energy rules being considered by the Arizona Corporation Commission. Those rules, which are currently in public comment, have gone through nearly two years of development and vetting. The ACC Rules are good and have strong  public support. They will drive AZ toward clean energy over the next 30 years and will also save ratepayers dollars, reduce water use and pollution, and bolster Arizona’s economy.

The bills we’re asking you to take action against prohibit the Corporation Commission from doing anything without the permission of the state legislature… so it is also a big power grab by the Arizona Legislature. 

Please sign in on the Request to Speak system to oppose both HB2248 and SB1175. You do not have to speak, but you can register your position on bills while they are in committee. 

We’re also asking you to email members of the House and Senate Natural Resources, Energy, and Water Committees and ask them to oppose the bills.

For HB2248, contact the following:
Rep Burges
Rep Cano
Rep Carroll
Rep Dalessandro
Rep Dunn
Rep Finchem
Rep Griffin, Chair
Rep Lieberman
Rep Parker
Rep Stahl Hamilton

For SB1175 contact the following:
Senator Engel
Senator Gowan
Senator Gray
Senator Kerr, Chair
Senator Mendez
Senator Otondo
Senator Rogers
Senator Shope
Senator Steele

You can also support the clean energy rules at the Arizona Corporation Commission! Send a message and RSVP to provide public comment here.