Earlier this week, the Administrative Law Judge presiding over the formal rulemaking for rules issued her recommended opinion and order. If adopted by the Arizona Corporation Commission, the Order would approve Arizona’s landmark Clean Energy Rules which will move our state toward a carbon free electricity generation standard by 2050. The Clean Energy Rules will be on the Agenda of their May 4/5 meeting.

If the Commissioners “substantively” modify the ALJ’s Order at their May 4/5 meeting by amending it, then the Commission would have to do a supplemental rulemaking which would kick the can down the road by several months.

The most likely outcome is that the Commission will vote on an amendment to the proposed rule which will kick off a supplemental rulemaking, further delaying the Rule and making it more likely that the legislature or governor will find a way to scuttle the rule (the governor has made no secret about his hostility to the clean energy rules). 

AzPHA Member Action Item:

Submit written comments supporting the proposed rule

The Corporation Commission will be discussing and considering amendments to the proposed clean energy rules and the  recommended opinion and order at their meeting on May 4/5th. They are accepting comments this week through Thursday, April 29th.  I submitted this letter into the record on behalf of AzPHA. You can use my language or submit your own stuff in support of the proposed rule and opposing additional amendments.

To submit your comments go to azcc.gov, select the tab “Cases and Open Meetings,” and select “Make a Public Comment in a Docket.” This leads to a fillable form that can be submitted electronically. The clean energy rules are under Docket No. RU-00000A-l8-0284.

I did what’s called an “eFile” written comment by selecting the “Cases and Open Meetings,” and selecting “eFile in a Case” and uploading this letter.