Solid Waste Legislation

WHEREAS, our population is increasing at an unprecedented rate;

WHEREAS, the production of garbage, rubbish, and demolition and agricultural wastes is reaching staggering proportions; and,

WHEREAS ever growing numbers of communities are being faced with a variety of problems in the collection and disposal of such wastes in practical and sanitary management and,

WHEREAS, insanitary collection and disposal of solid wastes create public health hazards demanding urgent attention; and,

WHEREAS, research, demonstrations., and training programs are
essential to solve the complex problems associated with insanitary

THEREFORE, be it resolved that:
The Arizona Public Health Association f.P on record supporting the introduction and passage of Federal Legislation that would provide for research, training, instructions and program grants in the field of solid waste collection and disposal

BE IT RESOLVED THAT: Copies of this resolution he transmitted to the American Public Health Association., the Surgeon General of the United States Public Health Services, The Health Service, the Health Commissioner of the Arizona declaration, the Senate and House of Congress of the United States and to the Governor of Arizona.
48~1964_(1)Solid waste legislation (solid waste, legislation)