Resolution: Arizona Pharmacists Filling Prescriptions Written by Foreign Physicians

WHEREAS: The Arizona state Board of Pharmacy recently decided to begin enforcement in 1990 of a decades old law, ignored until now, which makes it illegal for Arizona pharmacists to fill prescriptions written by physicians not licensed in the U.S.; and

WHEREAS: Enforcement of this law will deny access to Mexicans, and
U.s. citizens who choose to seek care from Mexican physicians, who require drugs which at times are only available in the U.S.; and

WHEREAS: Although Mexico manufactures most pharmaceuticals there are frequent and long periods when certain drugs are not available. These periods of non-availability are especially frequent along the Mexico-u.s. border; and

WHEREAS: The United States offers a safe, dependable supply of vaccines and other medications.

The Arizona Public Health Association supports state legislative action that would repeal the law which prohibits Arizona pharmacists from filling prescriptions written by physicians not licensed in the U.S.

Approved by the Arizona Public Health Association Board of Directors at its regular monthly meeting of November, 17 1989.

11-17-87 Date Executive Secretary

120~1989_(1) AZ pharmacists filling rx written by foreign physicians (medication, healthcare)

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