WHEREAS, the field of environmental health is becoming increasingly significant in the promotion of health throughout the United States, and

WHEREAS, the field of environmental health is becoming increasingly complex, and

WHEREAS, there is a marked increase in the need for Sanitarians with a basic education in the area of the natural and social sciences and a basic orientation in the field of environmental health, and

WHEREAS, proper protection of the environment demands the services of men and women who are demonstrably qualified in their field of endeavor, and the recognized mark of accomplishment is registration, and

WHEREAS, effective registration of Sanitarians by a qualified agency results in

a. A more orderly regimen for career development through recog­nition of years of experience of a satisfactory nature and more equitable treatment in a merit system.
b. More valid recruitment .of candidates.
c. Ease of movement geographically (reciprocity)

AND WHEREAS, thirty-three states, including all the western states, except Arizona, have found it desirable to register Sanitarians, and it is the consensus of opinion of Sanitarians of the Arizona Public Health Associa­tion that their professional status is better served through registration,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT it is the will of the Arizona Public Health Association that Sanitarians be registered in a manner comparable with their peers in other states, and

THAT the Association request the Governor and members of the Legis­lature to deal favorably with any legislation leading to this step in the protection of the health and safety of the public.

September 12, 1969:

Unanimously adopted by the members of the Arizona Public Health Association at their Annual Meeting at Flagstaff, Arizona

58~1969_(1) Registration of sanitarians (PH infrastructure, sanitarians)