Prioritized List of Health Concerns

The Arizona Public Health Association recognizes that there are many health concerns throughout the State of Arizona; and

Whereas these concerns may develop wi thin the county, and/or at the State level; and

Whereas these concerns may affect a portion of the population or the general population as a whole; and Whereas each health problem within the State draws attention wi thin the Association; and

Whereas these concerns may have been in existence for many years or be of recent origin; therefore

Be it resolved, that the Arizona Public Health Associa­tion, on a yearly basis, will address itself to prioritizing a list of health concerns within the State; and

Be it further resolved that a copy of chis list, with or without recommendations for specific action, be sent co the Governor, the Legislature and the Director of the Department of Health Services

82~1980_(1) Prioritized list of health concerns (misc)

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