WHEREAS, The Arizona Public Health Association passed a resolution in 1971 to actively promote liberalization or abolishment of the then currentArizona laws concerned with abortion; and

WHEREAS, The recent developments in the U.S. Congress would limit the freedom of choice to only those women able to pay for the service desired; and

WHEREAS, The Association feels that such limitation will perpetuate a dual standard of health c.are between the affluent and less fortunate members of our society and

WHEREAS, The Association wishes to prevent a return to the back alley abortion mills with their very serious consequences for the poor; and

WHEREAS, The Association supports the concept of the right of the individual to control her reproductive life; and

WHEREAS, The Association supports the concept of ready availabi­lity of abortion facilities to all groups and classes
of women

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Association promotes defeat of the Hyde antiabortion amendment which encourages states not to expend public funds for voluntary abortion for indigent women.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Arizona Public Health Association encourages Counties’ Boards of to provide funds for elective abortions for that segment of the population for whom they have the responsibility to provide health services.

PASSED, ADOPTED AND APPROVED BY the Membership c£ the Arizona Public Health Association on the 30th day of September, 1977, Flagstaff, Arizona.

77~1977_(1) Public funds for abortion (reproductive health, abortion, legislation)

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