WHEREAS, Clerical members of Public Health Associations have provided considerable input and continued support at both the Affiliate and National levels; and

WHEREAS, This support and input has been generally unrecognized; and

WHEREAS, Clerical and administrative support personnel are not generally recognized as having an identifiable role within the public health system; and

WHEREAS, There has been considerable confusion at the Affiliate level with the name “Secretarial Section” when in fact, the section is intended to include all clerical personnel as well as administrative aides and assistants

BE IT RESOLVED that the members of the Secretarial Section urge the members of the American Public Health Association to recognize support personnel by supporting the for Administrative Support Section; and

FURTHER RESOLVED that the Affiliate organization extend this
recognition to the national level by urging the American Public Health Association to recognize the establishment of an Administrative Support section within the American Public Health Association; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that program content at the National and Affiliate meetings include material relevant to administrative support personnel.

Passed, adopted and approved by the membership Public Health Association, on the 30th day of Flagstaff, Arizona. September, 1977,

76~1977_(1) Support at affiliate and national levels (AzPHA personnel)