Arizona Public Health Association Annual Meeting
September 17, 1986

WHEREAS, several small not-for-profit and voluntary health programs in Arizona have recently experienced can­ cellation of liability insurance; and

WHEREAS, these health programs have either been unable to find any insurance carrier willing to write new policies or, if willing to write new policies, only at a price programs cannot pay; and

WHEREAS, loss of these health programs will unavailability of health care services Arizonans; and result in for some

THEREFORE, state and local governments cannot indemnify these health care programs,

Be it resolved that the Arizona Public Health Association call for the requirement that all insurance carriers in Arizona accept assignment of these risks for voluntary and small not-for-profit health care programs; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that this Association call upon the Governor, the State Insurance Director, and the legislature to take any and all steps necessary to insure the continued insurance of such health care programs.

106~1986_(1)Continued insurance for non profit health programs (healthcare, insurance)