WHEREAS: the State of Arizona has embarked upon an important experiment in health care delivery, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS}; and,

WHEREAS: the AHCCCS program has been developed as a three-year demonstra­tion project under the waiver provisions of Title XIX of the Social Security Act, which waivers are not renewable; and,

WHEREAS: long tern care services, home health care and other mandatory Title XIX services are not included in the AHCCCS program; and,
adequate evaluation of the effectiveness of AHCCCS is essential to future planning; and,

WHEREAS: planning for the continuation of health care services to the needy is a significant public health issue;

THEREFORE: the Arizona Public Health Association resolves to:
1. Press for public access to data collected on the AHCCCS program, particularly enrollment, demography of recipients, utilization, and cost; ·
2. Foster public discussion of the future of the AHCCCS program;

3. Work toward the expansion of the program to the proposed private sect enrollment and to address the current gaps in service; and,
4. Critically evaluate research on program impact and cost to identify issues and bring them to the public attention.

APPROVED: 9/29/83

95~1983_(1) Access to AHCCCS Data (health data, insurance)