Arizona Public Health Association Annual Meeting
September 13, 1989

Resolution: Restricting Mandatory HIV Testing

WHEREAS: HIV testing is currently mandated for blood and organ donors, federal prisoners, immigration/refugees, military personnel, and inductees; and

WHEREAS: bills before the Arizona legislature during the past two sessions have attempted to extend mandatory testing to populations where the risk has not been documented; and

WHEREAS:the American Medical Association, Centers for Disease Control, and the Surgeon General have expressed opposition to widespread mandatory testing for low risk populations; and

WHEREAS: mandatory testing programs will divert funds from preventive efforts to combat the spread of HIV

The Arizona Public Health Association does not support mandatory HIV testing:
1. for any population in Arizona without first determining the prevalence of HIV infection in that population;
2. when state seroprevalence data does not warrant mandatory testing established by national standards;
3. when specific plans and resources for the provision of accompanying counseling and education have not been developed;
4. for those who have been exposed through casual contact;
5. when specific procedures for protecting confidentiality of HIV test results are not in place.

Approved by the AZPHA membership at the Fall Meeting, September, 1989.

Date Executive Secretary

118~1989_(1)Restricting mandatory HIV testing (infectious disease, HIV-AIDS, education, public safety)

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