Arizona Public Health Association Annual Meeting
September 13, 1989

Resolution: Impact of Webster Decision

WHEREAS: The 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision of the United States Supreme Court effectively safeguarded the constitutional liberties and health concerns of pregnant women while recognizing and accommodating the state’s interests in potential human life; and

WHEREAS:the 1989 Webster decision of the United States Supreme Court gave individual states broader range to regulate abortion without regard to a pregnant woman’s health as related to her liberty interest protected by the due process clause of the constitution; and

WHEREAS:there is no such thing as a pregnancy that does not put a woman’s life and health at risk; and

WHEREAS:The American Public Health Association believes that the govern­ ment has no right to dictate to a woman that she must undergo the health risks involved in a pregnancy.

The Arizona Public Health Association reaffirms the previous pro­ choice stand of the Association and support Legislative and regulatory action which will provide the citizens of Arizona with the continuing alternatives to pregnancy.

Approved by the AZPHA membership at the Fall Meeting, September 1989

113~1989_(1)Impact of webster decision (abortion, reproductive health)

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