We’re off to the races for the 2nd Regular Session of the 55th Legislature.  Over 100 bills have already been pre-filed. So far, there are several repeat themes from the 2021 session on election procedure, school choice, and education issues, and restricting public health and healthcare mandates. We’ve already signed up in opposition to a few of those.

AzPHA will be activating our public health policy committee meetings starting next Friday, January 21. I made the appointments in our member Basecamp. I’ll have more details in next Sunday’s member policy update.

The House Health Committee has some new faces, including Representative Beverly Pingerelli (R-LD21) and former Health Committee member Rep. Pamela Powers Hannley (D-LD9), as well as a new Vice-Chair in Rep. Steve Kaiser (R-LD15). The Senate Health Committee also has one new member in recently appointed Senator Raquel Terán (D-LD30).

Senate Health Committee

Committee Members (5R 3D)

Member Position
Nancy Barto (R) Chairman
Rosanna Gabaldon (D) Member
Sally Ann Gonzales (D) Member
Tyler Pace (R) Vice-Chairman
Wendy Rogers (R) Member
Thomas Shope (R) Member
Raquel Terán (D) Member
Kelly Townsend (R) Member

Senate Health Committee will meet on Wednesdays in SHR1 (time TBD)

Here’s the roster of Senators with their contact information: Senate Member Roster


House Health Committee

Committee Members (5R 4D)

Member Position
Kelli Butler (D) Member
Joseph Chaplik (R) Member
Alma Hernandez (D) Member
Steve Kaiser (R) Vice-Chairman
Joanne Osborne (R) Chairman
Beverly Pingerelli (R) Member
Pamela Powers Hannley (D) Member
Amish Shah (D) Member
Justin Wilmeth (R) Member

House Health Committee will meet on Mondays in HHR4 (time TBD)

Here’s the roster of House members with their contact information: House Member Roster